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Summer Newsletter 2014

Not Good News. Over 50 Million People Now Refugees World Wide

Annual World Refugee Day was recently held on June 20th. According to the United Nations (UNHCR), the number of people currently in situations of displacement has hit 50 million.This is the highest number of refugees reported for the last 14 years. The worrying news is that the majority of these refugees are children. Many of these homeless and poverty-stricken kids witness acts of violence and war on a daily basis. Playground Builders brings hope and smiles to some. With your help we can do more!

Great News! 165 Playgrounds Completed!

As of June 2014, our 165th playground is giving laughter and play to kids in Afghanistan. In 2013 Playground Builders created 36 new playgrounds! In 2014 we are at 12 and we currently have 10 underway. What’s heartbreaking is that we have dozens of schools and orphanages asking for playgrounds, and we can’t keep up.

Playgrounds create childhoods, relieve post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and encourage more children to attend school. Studies show that play is an integral part of advanced learning.

Playgrounds create badly needed jobs supplying pride, dignity and skill development to the local population. Without jobs, workers become economic migrants and are forced to join refugees seeking a better life in the international world. Playground Builders helps diminish this issue by hiring local workers.

And most of all, Playground Builders creates happy children who will eventually have a say in our future world. As this year winds down, it will be pivotal and challenging times for Afghanistan. Almost all foreign troops will leave along with countless aid agencies. The Afghans are unsure of what will happen without support.

Playground Builders is committed to stay active in Afghanistan. We have amazing teams working to build a better future for the children. We will continue to support them.

Upcoming Fun Events!

June 29th in Whistler: 

Join us for the 4th Annual Bearfoot Bistro World Oyster Invitational and Bloody Caesar Battle. It’s the garden party of the season!

Click here for more information and tickets!

August 1st to 3rd in Whistler:

Incredible food, great music and live entertainment at the Canadian National BBQ Championships competition at Dusty’s Bar & BBQ in Whistler Creekside. It’s the highlight of the Pacific Northwest’s competitive BBQ circuit. Don’t miss Whistler’s tastiest summer event.

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