Playgrounds in the Palestinian Territories

Our playground program in the West Bank and Gaza has created 25 playgrounds.

These playgrounds with required maintenance continue to provide fun, social interaction and respite for children in these oppressed regions.

About Gaza

The population of Gaza is estimated at 1.8 million people living within 225sqkm. Unemployment is in excess of 90% and 90% of people are living below the poverty line. 43.2% of the population is aged 14 and under. The median age is 18.2, (The U.S.A. median is 37.6 – CIA 2014). That means there are approximately 775,000 children in Gaza in need of safe places to play, interact and be children.

Prior to the 2014 conflict one playground was severely damaged in 2009 during “Operation Cast Lead.” It was rebuilt.

The blockade of Gaza – From Oxfam report:

  • The blockade – now in place for seven years – has devastated Gaza’s economy, left most people unable to leave Gaza, restricted people from essential services such as healthcare and education, and cut Palestinians off from each other.
  •  Many key industries, such as the construction industry, have been decimated as essential materials are not allowed into Gaza. Exports are currently at less than 3% of their pre-blockade levels, with the transfer of agricultural produce and other goods to the West Bank and exports to Israel entirely banned.

17,000 homes destroyed from CBC News:

With a population of 1.8 million, Gaza is a densely populated coastal strip of urban warrens and agricultural land that still bears the scars of previous rounds of fighting.

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