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Huge Demand for More Playgrounds in Afghanistan

As word spreads of the work of Playground Builders throughout at least 11 provinces of Afghanistan, requests for new playground installations are coming in strong and constant. Our playgrounds are a big hit among this suffering population, and we currently have hundreds of requests from schools in 6 additional provinces.

Our country coordinator reporting from the field says:

“… please let me know when I can send more school proposals, as I discussed before that I am having plan to expand the projects installation in the other southern provinces of Afghanistan, … because the girls education rate is very low and as our project has increased the enrollment of the girls in the schools, therefore, we have to put some projects in those areas where the girls education rate is so low.” (sic)

Moving into the southern provinces, which are the poorest in the country, is our number one priority in Afghanistan at this time.

All of our activities focus on improving access to and the quality of education for the five million children (40% of the population) who cannot attend school nor have opportunities to play, learn and socialize in safe settings.

Ongoing political, social and economic unrest in Afghanistan brings about an even greater need for playgrounds. Our playgrounds encourage kids to go to school, keep them coming back, improves their physicality and social skills; and quite simply, have a childhood. Our work is a simple but profound contributor to making schools appealing and productive.

There are an estimated 16,000 schools in Afghanistan that have no playgrounds or play areas. We are increasing our ambitions to meet this vast need. With your generosity we all can contribute to the early lives of these kids. They are the future adults, leaders and educators and are the key people who can break the cycle of war.