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A Message from our Founder. It’s Time for More Play!

Acceptance. Kindness. Respect. Tolerance.

For many, our world today seems filled with unrest. We believe that reaching out and kindling friendships by showing acceptance, kindness, respect and tolerance is so very important, particularly as our world is becoming so complicated.

Here at Playground Builders, we believe that the most profound way to reach out lies in the answer to the beautiful proverbial question:

“What is the best gift a child could give a parent? … A happy child”.

And equally important,

“What is the best gift a parent could give a child? … A happy parent”.

A playground creates this. It is an oasis of happiness. Our park benches in each playground are for parents to meet and talk, and to watch their children play. Happy children in turn create happy parents. A happy community is strengthened towards peace.

It can all begin in a Playground!