Bring some joy. Build a Playground in Gaza in 2017

37% Donated/$12,500 To Go
Bring some joy to traumatized kids. Build a playground in Gaza. Playground Builders is kick starting a fresh funding campaign to build playgrounds in war-devastated Gaza in the Palestinian Territories. Donations to this project will enable us to facilitate at least three playgrounds this year for kids who see death and destruction on a daily basis. The 2015 war in Gaza along with ongoing incursions, embargos on food, water and basic needs continue to make life for kids unendurable. A recent report from Unicef reveals just how traumatized these kids are and how badly they need reprieve from the war...
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Contribute to Our Operating Costs in 2017

17% Donated/$4,150 To Go
Our Operating Costs are Low, but they’re Not Zero. Help Us Build More Playgrounds Faster. Contribute to the Operating Costs of  Playground Builders. We run a lean organization. In 2015, our operating costs were only $6,100, which included the cost of a Financial Audit. Playground Builders is a registered Canadian Charity (#852810019RR0001) and as such operates within the purview of the Canadian Government’s legislation and policies respecting responsible and accountable governance. All of our financial and funding information is posted on our website, and our books are open to anyone who wishes to see them. In fact, just click here [insert...
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Contribute to Playground Maintenance Fund

14% Donated/$21,500 To Go
Continuous Play on our Playgrounds = Broken Down Playgrounds! Keep a Playground Playable. Contribute to the Playground Maintenance Fund. Since 2007, Playground Builders has built 22 playgrounds in the Palestinian Territories, including 5playgrounds in Gaza and 17 in the West Bank. While these playgrounds continue to provide fun, social interaction and respite for children in these oppressed areas, after years of heavy use (i.e., fun and play), some of them need repairs. Your donations will go directly toward repairing or replacing swings, slides, teeter totters, etc. Funding may also go toward fixing playground sites, such as installing new gravel, grass...
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Build a Playground in Afghanistan in 2017

20% Donated/$160,000 To Go
Create Safe Play. Build a Playground & Build Smiles and Hope for Kids in Afghanistan. There are 13 million kids in Afghanistan and most do not have safe places to play, socialize and create. Undetonated landmines are littered throughout the country. Your donation will be used to build safe playgrounds at schools and orphanages in Afghanistan’s most war ravaged areas. This landlocked country has been in the throws of war for decades. As a result, it is one the poorest in the world. Generations of kids have grown up knowing only conflict, guns, bombs, injuries and death. Afghanistan has a population...
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Provide Volleyball & Badminton Setups

4% Donated/$4,765 To Go
Playgrounds are more than swing sets and slides. We provide volleyball and badminton setups for schools, which need regular replenishment with nets, balls, birds and rackets. Help keep those things in the air! The more fun the better, so we just add a little simple sports play too. Where site size permits, in addition to the much adored playground equipment, Playground Builders provides volleyball nets and balls, and badminton nets, rackets and birdies. Sometimes a few soccer balls are thrown in for those burgeoning football players. However, like the playgrounds, these play things get worn out after continuous use and amusement...
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