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Donation Goal For This Project is $5,000
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Our Operating Costs are Low, but they’re Not Zero. Help Us Build More Playgrounds Faster. Contribute to the Operating Costs of  Playground Builders.

We run a lean organization. In 2015, our operating costs were only $6,100, which included the cost of a Financial Audit. Playground Builders is a registered Canadian Charity (#852810019RR0001) and as such operates within the purview of the Canadian Government’s legislation and policies respecting responsible and accountable governance. All of our financial and funding information is posted on our website, and our books are open to anyone who wishes to see them. In fact, just click here [insert link to the attached PDF] to see a copy of our 2015 Financials.

We have been fortunate that, in the early operating years of the Charity, 100% of our operating costs were been paid for by the founder of Playground Builders. However, in order for us to be sustainable over the long term, we must create an administration fund to cover the bare necessities of our home office and limited expenditures.


Donations to this project will go directly to the basis costs of running the playground building program. These costs include: postage, fund transfers, banking fees, communications, part-time pay for administrative help, volunteer development and office supplies.


The challenge associated with this fundraising project is that we want to put almost every dollar donated toward building play. But the reality is that it takes money to keep the program going. Our commitment to low overhead and operating costs perpetually stands – to keep our operating costs well below 10% of the total cost of our program budget.


In our ideal world, some monthly donors would perfectly fund this meager operating program. The last thing we want to do is use funds from the playground building budget to cover such uninteresting costs as paper and postage!


The operating fund for Playground Builders is the foundation of the entire program. Without operating funding, the playgrounds, the fun, the laughter and the play would not exist. Your donations will keep more kids playing and preserve the prospect of hope and peace for children living in war.