About Playground Builders

Playground Builders is a registered charity that builds playgrounds for children in war-torn areas. There is often no safe place for children in these communities to play. Most have never experienced the joy of a swing or the thrill of a slide. We at Playground Builders are dedicated to building hope and peace through the gift of play.

Since our inception in 2007 we have built approximately 22 playgrounds per year supplying safe play for over 500,000 children. But this is just the beginning. We receive a constant flow of proposals for playgrounds.  Our challenge is to be able to meet the extensive needs of the schools, orphanages and communities seeking a safe place for their children to play.

Playground Builders is committed to maximizing our positive impact in the communities in which we operate. We engage local people and NGOs to find schools and communities with the strongest need for a playground. We support buying local equipment and supplies. We use local contractors to build and complete the installations. We rely on local people to monitor the building process and the ongoing upkeep of the play areas.

The result? We not only build playgrounds. We help societies in crisis by injecting money into the local economy and creating much-needed jobs. This helps to keep our costs low. Additionally, our board and volunteers underwrite administrative and travel costs so that virtually every dollar donated can go directly to building a new playground.

Playgrounds are more than just physical places to play. They are spaces where kids can be kids, community members can feel connected and empowered, new possibilities find a strong foundation and peace and hope begins. Playground Builders builds hope, one playground at a time.

Playground Builders is a registered Canadian charity: #852810019RR0001.