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So Far, 2017 Brings Another 3 Playgrounds to Gaza

This year so far, Playground Builders has built another 3 playgrounds in war devastated Gaza in the Palestinian Territories. The recent war and ongoing restrictions in Gaza has made it almost impossible for kids to play safely anywhere. We are changing that! Have a look at these recent photos of happy kids in Gaza!

Did you know ……

  • During the 2014 war more than 2,200 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed, including 551 children. Thousands more were wounded. On the Israeli side, 67 soldiers were killed along with 6 civilians.
  • About 170,000 homes and 360 factories in Gaza were damaged or destroyed.
  • To date, little to nothing has been rebuilt.
  • 80% of the Gazan population is on aid.
  • According to the IMF, unemployment among young people in Gaza is as high as 60%.

For more about this, please visit the BBC story here.

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