Playground Builders Celebrates 10 Years

Playground Builders is entering our 10th year after building more than 200 playgrounds for children in war-ravaged areas.  That means more than half a million kids playing, smiling and laughing all the way to the classroom. Heartfelt thanks to all our wonderful supporters over the past decade.  

2017 Brings Playgrounds to Gaza

Providing Relief for the Little Ones Playground Builders is about to begin building playgrounds in war devastated Gaza in the Palestinian Territories. The recent war and ongoing restrictions in Gaza has made it almost impossible for kids to play safely anywhere.  We are changing that!  Stay tuned for updates and photos. Did you know …… During...
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Thanks for Visiting our New Website!

Renewed and Improved … Check out our updated website! Learn about our activities in war regions. Learn how play has the potential to reduce the physical and psychological effects of war, how it can give hope and respite from war surroundings and attract and keep kids in school.  Fulfill your passion for giving little ones...
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Huge Demand for More Playgrounds in Afghanistan

More Play Needed – We Can’t Keep Up! As word spreads of the work of Playground Builders throughout at least 11 provinces of Afghanistan, requests for new playground installations are coming in strong and consistantly. Our playgrounds are a big hit among this suffering population, and we currently have requests from schools in 6 additional provinces....
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Welcome 2017! It’s Time for More Play!

Acceptance. Kindness. Respect. Tolerance. For many, our world today seems filled with unrest. We believe that reaching out and kindling friendships by showing acceptance, kindness, respect and tolerance is so very important, particularly as we welcome in the new year. Here at Playground Builders, we believe that the most profound way to reach out lies in the answer...
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Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.

Kay Redfield Jamison

Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength…


Summer 2015 Newsletter

Almost 200 Playgrounds! Our 196th playground is just about complete! This means more than a half a million children, (yes, that’s 506,570!) are playing and laughing safely throughout Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. There are many more schools and communities on our waiting list. Donate now and we can reach 200 playgrounds this summer. Providing Relief...
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The population of Iraq is estimated at 32.5 million of which 36.7% are aged 14 and under.

Summer Newsletter 2014

Not Good News. Over 50 Million People Now Refugees World Wide Annual World Refugee Day was recently held on June 20th. According to the United Nations (UNHCR), the number of people currently in situations of displacement has hit 50 million.This is the highest number of refugees reported for the last 14 years. The worrying news...
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